August 2, 2016

About Us

Welcome to Greek Café Bakery! Located in Wood Green, Haringey, we are London’s best and most authentic Greek bakery, serving up fresh and delicious products that you can take away or enjoy in our spacious dining room.

Greek Café started out when owner Christos moved to London to study architecture. Though he enjoyed his studies, he always held on to the recipes for dishes he grew up eating and making in his home in Lefkada, in Greece.

Finally, his roommates insisted that he take his personal bakery outside the shared flat because the public deserved to share in the wonderful flavours he was cooking up almost every weekend. So began a long and arduous journey to find and fund a location for a bakery and all the other hard work that goes into starting a catering establishment. This was in 1999. Christos first worked for a while in an established Greek bakery, filling in the gaps in his self-taught knowledge and learning about the importance of sourcing quality ingredients. He juggled a job with an architectural firm with early mornings on the weekends, working hard in bakery kitchens and perfecting his skills. In 2005, Christos opened Greek Café, which has become a beloved favourite with tourists and locals alike.

The café is run on three simple principles – the first is remaining as true to the original Greek recipes as possible, using sustainably sourced ingredients to create delicious food that is as close as can be to something you would eat in Athens or Thessaloniki. The second principle is that Greek Café will always aim to bring some of the Mediterranean culture to customers. We pride ourselves on offering a dedicated and helpful service, as well as supporting local NGOs, particularly those that help migrants relocating to London, wherever they may come from. We have worked hard to make our premises accessible to everyone, including those with physical restrictions, hearing impairment and visual impairment. Greek Café also welcomes pets, whether they are a support animal or not.

Finally, Greek Café aims to give customers an unforgettable experience. Our staff is highly trained in food service and we look forward to sharing our knowledge of Greek cuisine and culture with any visitors. Efforts are made to keep prices low without compromising on quality. Customers can make their orders, large or small, via telephone, email or Facebook, and we will confirm within 24 hours. We always try our best to accommodate special requests, such as dietary restrictions, and also cater for events in the Greater London area.

Come and visit us on Morley Avenue, Wood Green, and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on our events and products.

Stop by to try some free samples then sit down with your favourites and a big cup of our slow-roasted coffee, or take home one of our family loaves and some sweet nibbles for after dinner. We promise you won’t leave disappointed!

Until then, Αντίο!