August 4, 2016


Greek Café Bakery has pulled out all the stops in creating wonderful sweet and savoury pastries, and bread. But did you know we also offer a fully stocked café and bar?

coffee-1220989_1920Choose from our selection of quality, fair trade ground coffee to start your morning off right. Choose from our large variety of Greek desserts, including baklava, kataifi, melomakarona, bourekakia, glakatoboureko, and kourambiethes. We will be happy to create a selection of sweets (6, 12 or 24) that includes your favourites or let us surprise you!

Check out our bread selection – spelt, rye, onion bread, wholemeal, sunflower seed, chorizo and pistachio, poppy seed and sourdough, to name just a few. Take home a full loaf or two, or pick which one you would like to create a sandwich with. Choose from our range of fresh ingredients to put inside and enjoy your snack in our café or as take away.

We also offer some products that are for eat-in only. These include lemon and rice pudding, and our fresh fruit salad. On some days, we will also offer savoury dishes that are not baked, including lamb koftas and gyros – stay updated via our social media pages!

Gree Café Bakery also offers London’s largest selection of authentic Greek products, shipped in straight from the homeland. Browse our choice of olive oils, sourced from different regions in Greece, high quality honey, and a huge selection of cheeses, including batsos, metsovone, sfela and formaella. If you are hosting a Greek-themed evening or just want to treat yourself and your loved ones to some typical Greek food, Greek Café Bakery is the place to be.

Finally, our café would not be complete without Greek wines. We import wines from every region in Greece and can offer a range of price points for the beginner or the connoisseur. Try the Aidani variety, from the Cyclades Islands. Impress your dinner guests with the fruity Lagorthi, grown in the Peloponnese region. Or enjoy hints of citrus in a Robola wine, made from grapes grown in Cephalonia.

Greek Café Bakery aims to have a large selection of wines always in stock but if you don’t see the bottle you are after, we would be very happy to find and import the one you’re looking for.